Tuesday, May 10, 2011


1. What genre is each play?
Captured by Feministas - High Comedy
I realized this because there was a Pimp that tried to run things and be all macho but the women were so strong in what they stood for that it was funny to see the pimp still try to be in charge.

You know How to Whistle, Dont You? - Tragic comedy
It was almost as if she was going crazy and it was sad but funny at the same time. At one point she was like oh you can have me but then the next thing said would be like no you cant. She was going back and forth and thats where some humor came from.

2. How does his choice of diction effect your reading of the plays? I was shocked when I found out that the play was actually one person. The whole time when I was reading it I thought it was two people. "Oh my God, you're unmoved. You must be Ameri-can. You have a cold heart. I could warm it". For a second I had to think and be like is did someone else just talk besides the girl.

3. What is the theme for each play? Captured by Feministas is a feminism theme because its showing that women are standing up for what they believe is right. "All men started off as women until their Y chromo-some screwed up. you are mutants, return to your feminine good side. Women are able to communicate. Men are bad". This basically showed how women just need to be respected.
YOU KNOW HOW TO WHISTLE, DONT YOU? I feel like this play is freedom because all she wants to be is free and Cuba makes her feel like shes stuck in a prison, therefore, she wants to belittle herself. "You can have me for free. I can set you free. You can fuck me for free. Cuba libre. Cuba libre". This basically explains how she just wants to be free from Cuba.

4. Define the antagonist and protagonist in each play.
Captured by Feministas. The antagonist is the guy because he is a pimp, this is because you wouldnt agree with the pimp. Pimps are demeaning to women so that would make him the antagonist. The Protagonist is the women because I totally agreed with everything that they said about what they did and stood for. I liked how they killed the man at the end because there was no change.
YOU KNOW HOW TO WHISTLE, DONT YOU? The protagonist is the girl because I felt some type of guilt for her. The things she had said were sad and that made me feel sad for her. The antagonist is the government because she wouldnt be sad if Cuba knew how regulate correctly.

5. What is your opinion of each play?
My opinion of Captured by Feministas was that it was a strong and well done play. I liked everything it stood for and how women can stand up for me hence how they killed the pimp.
My opinion of YOU KNOW HOW TO WHISTLE, DONT YOU? makes me angry because I know that Cuba really is like this. They dictate everything the people in Cuba do and the things they have. I wish that I could go over there and free everyone after reading this.

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