Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hamlet-Act III, Scene 1: Hamlet's famous Soliloquy

1. What do you think Hamlet is saying?

I think that Hamlet is speaking about life and death. Hes basically saying that if people knew what was ahead of them, life after dealth, then a lot of people would be killing themselves.

2. Why is this soliloquy so famous? Can you identify with it?

I feel that this soliloquy is so famous because so many people can relate to it. If we all knew what were in store for us, I can almost be sure that many more people would be trying to kill themselves. I feel this certain way because if people knew they would be happier in their afterlife then a lot of people would be on there way. I personally can identify with the soliloquy but to a certain extent. I believe that even if I knew what were ahead of me and so be it if I were to be happier I still would not kill myself because I love life as it is now. But I do think that if I knew what were ahead of me I wouldnt be as afraid of death!

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