Thursday, May 12, 2011

Terrence McNally - Andre's Mother

How does her physical actions - her body language - contribute to the climax and resolution of the play?
"He goes, Andres Mother stands alone holding her white balloon. Her lip trembles. She looks on the verge of breaking down. She is about to let go of the balloon when she pulls it down to her. She looks at it a while before she gently kisses it. She lets go of the balloon. She follows it with her eyes as it rises and rises. The lights are beginning to fade. Andres Mothers eyes are still on the balloon. Blackout." Her body language in that context contributes to the climax and resolution because its showing that she knew she was wrong and now she is finally accepting Andre and Cal.

What significant spectacle is used in the play? What is symbolic of?
The significant spectacle that is used are the balloons. "They represent the soul. When you let go, it means youre letting his soul acend to heaven. That youre willing to let go. Breaking the last earthly ties." This is so symbolic because its saying exactly what they are doing. They are letting go of Andre and setting him free.

Define the theme. What do you believe is the meaning of this play?
The theme of this play is dont wait too late for something. You never know what you had till it was gone. I think the meaning of this play was dont wait too long for something to happen. Andres Mother waited too long to finally accept him and now that he is gone, she does. Now Andre will never know that his mother truly accepted him for who is was and now that he is gone he will never know.

Which character is the protagonist? Which character is the antagonist? How do you know?
The protagonist in this play is Cal and the antagonist was Andre's Mother. This is so because the whole time Cal was trying to explain to the mother that she should have accepted her son and that she would have accepted her son. Meanwhile the Mother was bitter the whole time not accepting her son for who is was til he was gone.


  1. Great work! You received 10 extra credit points.

  2. Great work! Uh, the Mother was grieving to the point of being in shock. Grieving because she feeled she failed her son. And bunch of homos and homo sympathizers want to turn all the focus on yourself, just as you always do with everything else.

  3. Awesome! would you say that the mother forgave her son/